We are
TM Voima

TM Voima is a pioneer in wind power and clean energy production. We have built electrical infrastructure and successfully executed numerous wind power projects in Finland and Estonia. Through our investment activities, we are also venturing into new sectors and emerging energy forms. Our goal is to collaboratively create a sustainable future and promote well-being and the clean energy revolution with our expertise.

TM Voima Oy was founded in August 2012. Nearly 200 million euros have been invested in the wind power projects developed by the company. The company still has several wind power projects in Northern Ostrobothnia. We combine financial strength and responsibility to make a positive impact on the world together. TM Voima currently employs 5 people in Finland and 4 in Estonia.

Shifting into investment activities

The company started the construction of 110-400 kV substations and transmission lines in 2015. In 2022, the company employed approximately 80 professionals in the field of electrical grids, with a turnover of over 47 million euros and an operating profit of around 6 million euros. The substation and transmission line business was sold to Caverion Oyj on February 1, 2023. You can find more information about the business transaction on Caverion's website.


TM Voima continues its operations with a focus on renewable energy projects and investment activities. Wind and solar power continue to grow rapidly as clean energy sources. Our goal is to develop domestic “Finnish Power” that reduces CO2 emissions, is economically viable, and creates jobs as well as tax revenue for municipalities. For more information about our projects and partners, see Renewable Energy Projects. Our subsidiary, TMV Green Oü, is developing renewable energy projects in Estonia.


In addition to renewable energy projects, we also operate as investor in growth companies. We invest in businesses where, in line with our strategy, we can not only provide capital but also accelerate their growth with our expertise.

Versatile entrepreneur behind TM Voima


TM Voima's CEO, Kim Tahkoniemi, is a versatile entrepreneur and business expert. Kim has held leadership positions in the energy sector since 2001, both in Finland and abroad. He has specialized knowledge in large-scale projects, renewable energy, and business development. Kim combines engineering expertise, business intelligence and visionary thinking, making him a unique asset to the companies he is involved with. In Kim's actions, you can clearly see his passion for great ideas, sustainability, and working together with others.