Investing in the future

Through our investment operations, we bring fresh perspectives to other businesses as well. We invest in growth companies where we can make an impact not only with capital but also with expertise.

Patron Investments

Patron Investments focuses on active investing in listed stock indexes through the use of options. The fund's objective is to achieve high returns relative to the markets while providing a very high level of liquidity for investments. The fund's investments are managed by Tom Karlsson, who also serves as a member of the board of directors at TM Voima Oy.

TMV Green

TMV Green Oü is a subsidiary of TM Voima Oy, which began the development of wind power projects in 2020. The company currently has approximately 15 wind power projects in Estonia. The company is also exploring the possibility of constructing hybrid projects that combine wind power, solar power, energy storage, and potentially hydrogen production.